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Blog: 4th March


Hi, Competition Season has begun, we had the 3/4 sport stacking on Wednesday 5/6 on Thursday we had the Athletics a few weeks ago and the infant agility too. Everyone did brilliantly. Also we had world-book day where juniors were reading to the infants.  

Year 6

Blog: December 16th 2015


This is our first Da Vinci class blog and we will do another every fortnight. We hope you enjoy them... so here we go!

December has been a really exciting and fun month for everyone. To start off with, we had the pantomime which was so much fun. The infants were working so hard for their nativity which was so outstanding it deserves an Oscar!!!. smiley

Also, wishing everyone good luck with your readings and singing today, and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! cheeky