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Welcome to the Challock Primary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

During the academic year 2014-2015, the PTA managed to raise around 5 thousand pounds, which formed a significant contribution to build the school’s new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). By now, it’s likely that every child in the school has used the MUGA, which goes to show that the funds raised make a big difference to the daily experience of our kids.
Along with the teachers and current PTA members, we’d like to say a massive thank you to the 2014-2015 PTA. Not only did they resurrected the PTA after an absence of several years, they also managed to set a very high standard for future years.
Thank you: Wendy Reed, Sarah Howard, Catherine Huson, Maria Lambkin, Catherine Legg, Clare Keys, Emma Pike, Helen Lee, Nikki Keys
With that, we’d like to introduce the 2015-2016 PTA:


Chair:                              Graeme Dobson

Vice-Chair:                      vacant
Secretary:                       Emma Pike
Treasurer:                       Maria Lambkin
Committee Members:     Annabel Burden
                                         Jennie Smith
                                         Wendy Reed
                                         Gina Homewood
                                         Shona Hallam
                                         Lou Pestell
                                         Anna Osborne
Teaching Staff:               Mrs Sweet
                                         Miss Sercombe
                                         Mr Geeves
In conjunction with the teachers, we agreed that every event organised by the PTA should achieve at least 2 of the following:
1)      Create new experiences for the children
2)      Encourage parents to become an integral part of the school
3)      Raise funds
Participation in PTA events is by no means limited to committee members, in fact we strongly encourage any parents to get involved. Whether you have ideas on events we could host, or would like to help out with events already planned. If you are interested, please contact us through the school office.
The first major event for the current PTA was the Christmas Fair, which was held on Friday December 4th.
Thank you to every parent who helped us with the hamper, chocolate and teddy bear donations !
We hope you’ll agree that the Fair was a real success. A true joint effort between parents, teachers and children. Below, we’ve included a few photos from the event.
Our next focus will be to produce a calendar of events for 2016. To whet your appetite, some of the events we’re planning include: Ice rink for the weekend, Summer Fair in conjunction with Parish Council, Pub quizzes, Race night.
We will let you know when our 2016 planning meeting is to be held – you’re very welcome to join us.
Best Wishes,
Your PTA

Chair of the PTA - Graeme Dobson

Chair of the PTA - Graeme Dobson 1