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Who's Who

'Consistently excellent teaching, building on the quality judged at the previous inspection, means that pupils' learning is often outstanding,'

Ofsted - September, 2011

Our Teaching Staff

Mrs S. Sweet

Mr D. Lemon

Deputy Headteacher and Year 6 (Da Vinci Class) Teacher

Mr D. Roberts Year 6 (Da Vinci Class) Teacher
Mrs L. Dorman Year 5 (Monet Class) Teacher
Mrs A Pantaney Year 4 (Lowry Class) Teacher
Mrs E. Pape Year 3 (Matisse Class) Teacher

Mrs S. Higginson

Year 2 (Picasso Class) Teacher

Miss J Siggers Year 1 (Kandinsky Class) Teacher
Miss R. Sercombe Reception (Van Gogh Class) Teacher
Mrs K Freeman Class Teacher
Mrs B. Sercombe Additional Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Mrs Susan-Mary Adkins Additional Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Our Support Staff

Mrs P. Aitken Business Manager
Mrs A. Taylor Secretary
Mrs R. Derry Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Lambkin Teaching Assistant 
Mrs S. Rees Teaching Assistant 
Mrs E. Gilbert Teaching Assistant 
Mrs J. Sherrin Teaching Assistant 
Mrs J Lawrence Teaching Assistant 
Mrs A. Hellyar Teaching Assistant 
Mrs J Wright Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Popplewell Teaching Assistant
Miss J. McGill Midday Supervisor and Cleaner
Miss S. Jeffrey Midday Supervisor
Mr B. Mead Caretaker