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Our House System




Our 4 houses at Challock are Robins, Goldfinches, Woodpeckers and Kingfishers.

When a pupil joins school, they are placed into one of these houses. If they have a brother or sister, they will also be in the same house.


Pupils work towards gaining housepoints each week through their work and good behaviour. At the end of each week, classes add up their housepoints. The winning house in each class gains 20 points to add to the ongoing weekly totals, second place gain 15 points, third place gain 10 points and fourth place gain 5 points. Each week, the latest housepoint totals are shared with the school in Celebration Assembly and also on our website.


We also have various Interhouse competitions - the Interhouse Netball tounament, Football tournament and also Sports Day, of which there are separate trophies to be won. Our Sports Leaders also lead an Interhouse 'Decathlon' competition with each class during some PE sessions throughout the year.


Our House-Captains and Vice Captains are voted in by their house members at the start of Term 1, and then new Captains are voted in at the start of Term 4. They have to nominate themselves and then prepare a speech or presentation. Our captains are there to be good role models, to lead the presentations and support good behaviour in assemblies, and to run various inter-school competitions with support of the staff.