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Term Dates

Dates for the Diary Sept 2021 - July 2022


Below are dates for the upcoming academic year…please remember these are provisional…who knows what could happen!


Thurs 9th September               Kent Test (year 6)

Sat 11th September                 Challock Lees Picnic / Car fest / Fun day

Mon 13th September               NATURE WEEK

Make Time for Music Lessons resume

Tue 14th September                Sir Linkalot Class Workshops

4th October +                           Black History Month

Thurs 7th October                    National Poetry Day

Friday 8th October                   Brunel Last swimming Lesson

Mon 11th October                   Individual Photographs

Tue 12th October                     Individual Photographs

Fri 15th October                       Holmes Class first Swimming Lesson

Mon 18th October                   Harvest Festival (venue tbc)

Thurs 21st October                  Kent Test Results to Parents

Fri 22nd October                     100% Event




Mon 1st November                TERM TWO STARTS

                                                Secondary Choices Deadline (year 6)

Tue 2nd November                  Parent Consultations (8:30 – 6:00)

Mon 15th November               Flu Vaccinations Yr R – Yr 6

Mon 22nd November               Bikability Week (Yr 6)

Tue 30th November                 Pantomime (in school)

                                                Xmas Tree Decoration Celebration

Thurs 2nd December               Father Christmas due to Visit

Fri 3rd December                     Christmas Fair

Mon 6th December                 Carol Service PM KS1

Tue 7th December                   Carol Service PM KS1

Thurs 9th December                Carol Service PM KS2

Fri 10th December                   Carol Service PM KS2

Thurs 16th December             Christmas Lunches / Class Parties

                                                END OF TERM TWO

Fri 17th December                   Staff Inset Day – School Closed


Tue 4th January                        Staff Inset Day – School Closed


Wed 5th January                     TERM THREE STARTS

Thurs 10th February               100% Event



Fri 11th February                     Staff Inset Day – School Closed


Mon 21st February                 TERM FOUR STARTS

Tue 29th March                       Parent Consultations

Thurs 31st March                    100% Event

Fri 1st April                              Easter Egg Bingo

                                                END OF TERM FOUR


Tue 19TH April                         START OF TERM FIVE

Fri 22nd April                            St George’s Day Celebrations

Mon 2nd May WC                    KS1 Testing Week

Mon 9th May WC                     KS2 SATS / Testing Week

Mon 16th May WC                  Yr 5 CATS Testing Week

Thurs 26th May                        PESE / 11+ Parent Meetings

Fri 27th May                            100% Event

                                                END OF TERM FIVE


Mon 6th June                          START OF TERM SIX

Fri 1st July                                Sports Day (KS1 AM / KS2 PM)

Mon 4th July WC                      PGL Residential Trip (Yr 6)

Mon 11th July                          Reports Out (Seesaw & Tapestry)

Mon 18th July                          Summer Production

Tue 19th July                            Summer Production

Wed 20th July                          100% Event

Thurs 21st July                         Leavers Assembly 1pm

                                                END OF ACADEMIC YEAR


Fri 22nd July                             Staff Inset Day – School Closed



INSET 1                                              Wednesday 1 September 21

TERM ONE STARTS                          Thursday 2  September  

TERM ONE ENDS                              Friday 22  October


TERM TWO STARTS                         Monday 1  November

TERM TWO ENDS                             Thursday 16  December

INSET 2                                               Friday 17   December



INSET 3                                               Tuesday 4  January 22

TERM THREE STARTS                       Wednesday 5   January 22

TERM THREE ENDS                          Thursday 10  February

INSET 4                                               Friday 11 February 22


TERM FOUR STARTS                        Monday 21  February

TERM FOUR ENDS                            Friday 1  April


TERM FIVE STARTS                           Tuesday 19  April

TERM FIVE ENDS                               Friday 27  May


TERM SIX STARTS                             Monday 6 June

TERM SIX ENDS                                Thursday 21  July

INSET 5                                              Friday 22  July 22



INSET 1                    Wednesday 1st September 21

INSET 2                    Friday 17th December 21

INSET 3                    Tuesday 4th January 22

INSET 4                    Friday 11th February 22 

INSET 5                    Friday 22nd July 22