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Pupil Parliament

What is Pupil Parliament?


At Challock, we value the opinions of our pupils. Our Pupil Parliament gives pupils a forum to share their opinions and ideas and help make decisions that affect them. At the beginning of each school year, two new representatives are nominated from YR to Y6.


We hold regular meetings, 'Parliament Sessions' to discuss ways in which we can improve our school. We also develop ideas for raising money for charity and our school.


If you are a pupil at Challock, who has a suggestion, remember that you can put your ideas forward by speaking to your class ministers. They will jot your comments down in their log book, which they will then take to our next meeting.

Find out who is the Parliament Minister for each class on our notice board outside the school hall. 

Meet Our Ministers


Environment Ministers                     Toby and Bella

Health & Safety Ministers                 Edie and Ben

Diversity & Inclusion Ministers        Mia and Jensen

Wellbeing Ministers                           Henry and Willow

Education Ministers                          Lochlann and Verity

Sports Ministers                                Rex and Rosie D

Culture Ministers                               Noah and Betsy