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Y2 Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale is considered to be the founder of modern nursing as she revolutionised cleanliness and patient care during her time as a nurse in the Crimean War. Her inspirational life has made her an icon and a strong female role model, and so we have chosen to name our Year Two class after her.

 “The lady with the lamp”, as Florence Nightingale has been fondly named, symbolises the determination, resilience and kindness that I hope to instil within class. I am hoping this will inspire the children to work hard and have confidence that they can achieve anything they put their minds to!

 As one of the most significant female historical figures, we will be studying the many contributions of Florence Nightingale to modern society and national achievement such as the importance of cleanliness in hospitals, which closely links to our history curriculum. We will be exploring Florence Nightingale’s achievements through art, drama and many other exciting activities. 


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