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Biodiversity Topic - Hedgehog Conservation

Our Eco Squad unanimously decided that one of our topic actions should be hedgehog conservation. We have spent time together in the different bubbles learning about why hedgehogs are endangered and the sorts of things we can all do to help protect the species.  We built a hedgehog footprint tunnel in order to see if we had any hedgehog visitors coming into our secret garden area. The next morning we were excited to find lots of little hedgehog footprints indicating that we do indeed have hedgehogs in residence at Challock! The children learnt how to build a very simple Hedgehog house from a box and set it up in our secret garden area, along with two other hedgehog houses. Once we are out of lockdown we plan to install a camera in the secret garden area so that we can catch our hedgehog visitors on film!

Our Hedgehog Footprint Tunnel

Hedgehogs Have Been Visiting Our Secret Garden!

We are also proudly supporting a local hedgehog rescue. Dottie's Little Hog Hospital are based in Herne Bay and care for sick and injured hedgehogs.  They have been unable to embark on all of their usual fundraising activities due to the pandemic and so we have chosen to do what we can to help them. Children and their families have kindly been donating food for us to pass on to Dotties for their residents.


Dottie's Were Delighted To Receive Our First Food Donations!

As part of our ongoing Hedgehog Conservation work we have chosen to sponsor Sir Christopher Prickles, a blind hedgehog who cannot be released into the wild. This hedgehog is particularly special because Mrs Sweet found him in her garden and knew that he needed care and attention. He has lived happily at Dottie's ever since. Once Covid restrictions are lifted Sir Christopher Prickles will be paying a visit to the children in school – and we cannot wait!

Introducing Sir Christopher Prickles