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Interhouse Cross-Country

Congratulations to Kingfishers Y5/6 and Woodpeckers Y3/4 for winning their races in the Interhouse Cross-Country event which took place on the Lees this week.

The first four members of each house to cross the line had their positions added together to create a combined score, the lowest score being the winning team.


Ben, Zach, Rhys and Gracie were the first four Kingfishers across the line, with Zach winning the Y5/6 race.


Aubrey, William, Nathan and Carter were the first four Woodpeckers across the line, with Nathan winning the Y3/4 race.


Team results are:

Year 5/6

1st - Kingfishers - 28 points

2nd - Robins - 35 points

3rd - Woodpeckers - 36 points

4th - Goldfinches - 41 points


Year 3/4

1st - Woodpeckers - 20 points

2nd - Kingfishers - 25 points

3rd - Robins - 49 points

4th - Goldfinches - 76 points