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KS2 Inter-House Cross-Country

On a warm afternoon, thankfully not too hot for our pupils running, the whole of KS2 took to Challock Lees for the annual cross-country event.


Upper Junior (Y5/6) Boys and Girls

The Y5/6 boys ran first, a course that took them the entire length of the Lees and back again, resulting in a 1200m distance. The Woodpeckers boys dominated the front of the group, eventually finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, for a perfect (lowest possible) 6 points! They were followed by 3 kingfisher boys, including our first Y5 runner, to reach a cumulative 15 points. The first Goldfinch runner came in in 7th, but was followed by 3 Robins who came third in Upper Junior boys with 27 points, and Goldfinches 4th with 39 points. The Upper Junior Girls was won by three Y6s, but the next 7 were Y5s, a good sign for the future. Goldfinches dominated with 1st, 4th and 9th place runners to gain 14 points, followed by Robins with 20 points, Kingfishers with 23 and Woodpeckers in 4th with 24 points.


Lower Junior (Y3/4) Boys and Girls

The Y3/4 course was slightly shorter at around 1000m. Rather nicely, the first 10 runners in both the boys and girls events were an even split of five Y4 and five Y3 runners, making team selection for the upcoming Godinton House races easier. In the Y3/4 Boys, just like the Y5/6 race, the Woodpeckers dominated, again ended with an amazing 6 points after coming 1st (Y4), 2nd (Y4) and 3rd (Y3 runner). The final result for the Y3/4 boys was (1st) Woodpeckers 6 points, (2nd) Kingfishers 22 points, (3rd) Robins 26 points, (4th) Goldfinches 36 points. The first two in the Y3/4 Girls race were Y4 runners, with the first Y3 runner in 3rd. This was a very close affair, with the top two houses separated by only 1 point! Goldfinches Girls won with 13 points, closely followed by Robins with 14 points, Woodpeckers with 23 points and Kingfishers in 4th with 43 points.


House-coloured certificates will be awarded to the top 3 runners in each of the four races on Monday, and to the 4 winning houses, who will gain additional House Points for the House Competition. Well done to all the runners who put in a fantastic effort!