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Netball report: Challock 6 - 12 Lady Joanna Thornhill

Well what a very welcome warm sunny evening for today’s Netball match against Lady Joanna Thornhill School (Wye).  The pace of the whole game was extremely fast. In the first quarter, Challock scored 2 very strong goals, both in the second minute, closely followed by 1 from Wye, by the end of the first quarter the score was even at 3 goals each.  At end of the second quarter, Wye stepped ahead with a goal lead – the score being 5- 4.  In the third quarter Challock team tried hard but it would seem the heat was working against them (or maybe it was fatigue from playing against the Mums in enrichment previously this afternoon!).  Wye scored 4 goals, increasing their lead to 9 - 4.  In the fourth quarter, we pulled back 2 goals, but unfortunately luck was on Wye’s side and they scored 3 goals, with the final score Challock 6 – Wye 12.  Our very first concession, but that being said we have played just 4 games as a team, the Wye squad have been playing as a team for a whole year! 
I have to apologise to readers, the game was so quick moving that I couldn’t keep up with who scored what goal but the goal scorers were; Zach, Leticia, Charlotte and Drew.
The Umpire's players of the match were Zach and Charlotte.
Fingers crossed for a fantastic result (and sunshine) at tomorrow’s tournament!